Sicilia.com was founded in 2022 as an e-commerce dedicated to Sicilian food excellence with the purpose of making it known worldwide.

Our vision

We want to tell a journey through Sicily, starting from the agri-food products of Sicilian excellent to tell stories, traditions, curiosities about this extraordinary island. We want to tell the story of Sicily, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and traditional Sicilian food products (PAT) recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, at the proposal of the Sicilian Region.

We cannot talk about Sicily without talking about the origins, the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Norman influences that we can admire in both the artistic and culinary aspects; many of our recipes would not be the same without all these influences. In addition, Sicily is passion for tradition; every dish tells a story, a legend and reminds us of tales passed down from our grandparents. Hailed by many poets and writers, Goethe wrote, “Italy without Sicily, leaves no image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that one finds the key to everything.”

Our mission

Sicilia.com is a large e-commerce of selected typical Sicilian products, ready to be shipped all over the world. The ideal solution for those who want to treat themselves to a fine taste experience, a treat for the palate.

Our mission is to export Sicilian excellence to the world, not to forget traditions, and to make them alive even for those who once left our country to seek their fortune abroad or for all the Sicilian cuisine enthusiasts who go in search of healthy and genuine products to include in their food plan. Typical Sicilian products are among the most envied and sold to gourmets around the world. Those who grew up on this island know that certain flavors can only be found here.

Typical Sicilian cuisine restaurants are spread all over the world, testifying to foreigners’ appreciation for our cuisine. Sicily is a region that offers so many typical dishes and products that it is not so easy to draw up a complete list of them. We will try to tell the dishes that have made the history of Sicily and that are also the most appreciated by foreigners.

Pane cunzato, Pasta alla Norma, Pasta alla Trapanese, Caponata are just a few of the many typical Sicilian dishes of which you can learn the history of their birth and preparation, the recipe that will Help you to faithfully reproduce them at home thanks to our Special boxes.

In addition, for further inquiries involving both products that need to be sourced and recipes that are not available on our site, you can contact us via form or e-mail info@servizispeciali.it