Privacy Policy

The Owner collects the following data: first name, last name, Cookies, Usage Data, telephone number, province, region, country, zip code, gender, date of birth, city, address, billing address, shipping address, password.

Personal data are provided directly by the user of the Site (hereinafter “User”), or in the case of Usage data, automatically collected during the use of the site (hereinafter “Site”).

Refusal by the User to provide the requested (mandatory) data will result in the impossibility for the Data Controller to provide the requested services. Otherwise, if the requested data are optional, the User is free not to provide them, they do not affect the provision of the service.
The use of Cookies by the Site or the Owners of third party services used, is for the purpose of providing the service requested by the User. For more details on this please see the Cookie Policy.

The user assumes responsibility for the Personal Data of third parties provided to the Owner, releasing the Owner from any liability.

Methods of Processing

The Data Controller takes appropriate measures in accordance with the law to ensure the security of the data collected, preventing disclosure, modification or destruction by unauthorized third parties.

Processing is carried out by means of computer and/or paper-based tools, as necessary.

In addition to the Data Controller, authorized third parties, both internal to the organization and external (accounting service providers, postal couriers, technical services, hosting providers), appointed as necessary as data processors, may have access to the data. The list of data processors can be requested from the Data Controller.

Purposes of the Data Collected

User data are collected to enable the Owner to provide its services, as well as the following purposes: contacting the customer, advertising, interaction with Social Networks, platform and hosting services, statistics and display of content on external platforms, payment management, access to third-party service accounts, registration and authentication.

Details of the processing of Personal Data

Contacting the User

Contact Form (Site): the user, by filling out the contact form with their Data, consents to their use to respond to requests made.
Data collected: first name, last name, email, phone number, address, city, province, country.
Newsletter or mailing list: by registering to the mailing list or newsletter, the user is automatically included in a list of contacts to whom communications of an informative, commercial, promotional nature related to the Site may be sent. The user may be placed on a mailing list as a result of leaving the site during check-out after he/she has consented to the processing of data.
Data collected: first name, last name, email, phone number, address, city, province, country.